Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday Meal Treat?

So yesterday was a pretty laid back day, sunday you know....Just kicked it at home, burned some herbs drank a few brews watched netflix movies on my laptop, the usual.
Had me some Murphys Irish Stout (If you haven't tried it then you should!)
It wasn't as dark or heavy as Guinness, just the perfect amount of chocolate hoppy taste.
But wait, It takes two to tango!
Thin crust pepperoni + BACON! pizza to seal the deal.
So lets break down this meager meal.
4 pack Murphys Irish Stout - $4.99
1 Medium pizza (dominos) - $5.00
total cost - $9.99 + tax
So for about a hair over 10 dollars,
you can have a good meal and drink some nice brews.


  1. Damn if only I could get a pizza that cheap where I live.

  2. That just made me wanna go out for a pizza.

  3. That sounds amazing. I would love to have a day where i just sit back and relax.

  4. You should always have 1 day of the week where you just kick back and relax. Pizza and beer sounds like the perfect way to do so. Consider yourself followed

  5. Augh, kicking back and relaxing is what I need to do. I've been in exam mode for far too long.